Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School

The Tohum Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation is a non-profit, for public benefit health and education organisation established on 15 April 2003 to promote the early diagnosis of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (“ASD”), to ensure their specialist education in order to integrate them into the community and to disseminate this nationally.

The vision of the foundation is to ensure the early diagnosis of children with ASD in Turkey, the health, education, the acquisition of a profession, employment, independent life and the integration of children who have been diagnosed and their families, according to world class standards.

Foundation; in line with the principles of being science oriented, leadership, partnership, communication and cooperation, reliability, transparency, value humanity and children and protect their right to receive the best service; works on the subjects:

  • To cultivate teaching cadres and to ensure that education and research takes place,
  • To provide training and research,
  • Educate the general public,
  • To support and help improve health and education services nationally,
  • To ensure that children with ASD get specialist intensive education, to create capacity for them to have the least intrusive educational environment through to integrate in all of the stages of their life

As Mother’s Secret, we believe that the circular process is not only related to production and consumption, but it is sustainable with awareness, mutual responsibility and solidarity. In cooperation with Tohum Autism Foundation, we transfer a certain part of our sales to the Foundation as a donation. Thus, you also support and contribute to the early diagnosis, education and social reintegration of children with autism through us.

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