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About Us

Dr. Damla Ozekan, Academician

After completing my PhD in International Economics with my thesis in the field of Sustainability and having worked as a lecturer in Universities for 20 years, my interest in design and creating and producing something combined with Dogu’s courage, determination and practicality, we decided to set out on such a road. I wanted to transfer all my experience, academic background, worldview about sustainability, and my environment consist of the sparkling friends that I have formed over the years to this business.

Dogu Aytun, Actor and Dubbing Artist

After my experiences in acting and voiceover profession, we started with Damla with the question of how we can create a style in the children’s clothing brand as an artist. Her maternal ability further reinforced our belief in what we will accomplish in this business, and we had no trouble creating the brand. Our goal is to leave a better environment and a sustainable world for our children. At the same time to become a global brand with our natural and high quality products in the name of Turkey by announcing in international markets.

Although it seems two people started this way,  we would like to thank all the heroes of this story, who supported and helped us in all matters during the whole process!

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